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TCCC maintains two low-volume, “moderated” electronic mailing lists hosted by the IEEE COMSOC.


For the recent archive starting 2013-08-01, please refer to the archives directly available on the current mailing list server at

These archive files constitute the list’s home at Columbia University from 2001 to 2013: tccc-archive1tccc-archive1btccc-archive2tccc-archive3tccc-archive4 (5 files total, please extract all into a single directory and view index.html in your browser).


As of July 2013,

The list has been split into two separate lists with the following rules.

For tccc-announce:

The tccc-announce list is for on-topic CFPs and faculty or research job openings in networking and communications. CFPs posted to TCCC must have primary focus on networking and communication; announcements for broad-based computer and technology events are not permitted. In the case where there is a track or sub-event of relevance to TCCC, this is permitted, but it must be crafted specifically for TCCC relevance. Permissible job postings are limited to university, non-profit, and industrial research jobs, including faculty, postdoc, PhD student, research staff, and research management positions. Announcement emails must only have in the To: field; announcements may not be cross-posted to other announcement lists in the same email. Postings must be no more frequent than monthly for a given event. A single additional posting may be made when submission deadlines are extended. Furthermore, postings must contain:

  1. The name of the event (not only the acronym) in the Subject: field and the beginning of the body;

  2. The sponsoring organisation named (e.g. IEEE, ACM, IFIP), and if a journal the publisher clearly identified

  3. The name and email address of the sender or responsible person clearly identified in the body of the posting;

  4. Postings must be well-formatted plain text with no embedded fonts, images, and with no attachments; and

  5. Do not preface the posing with a apology for multiple emails, if you feel you must say this put it at the bottom.

A one-time post for a journal whose primary focus is networking and communications is permitted, but repeated posts are not permitted. It is never appropriate to post journal issue table of contents, unless it is a sample posted in the same email announcement with the one-time journal announcement. Special issue calls of direct relevance to TCCC are permissible subject to our other posting guidelines.

Subscribers violating these guidelines will be blocked from posting.

For tccc-discuss:

The tccc-discuss list is for technical discussions of interest to the TCCC community and TCCC administrative business.  This list will only be open to individual subscribers (no meta-lists) and will serve as the official membership list for TCCC.  CFPs, event, and job announcements are not permitted.  Subscribers who post CFPs and job announcements will be blocked, and meta-lists will be unsubscribed and permanently blocked.

As of July 2005,

Only TCCC members can post to the TCCC mailing list directly. Nonmembers, who wish to post their messages have two options: (1) become a list member, or (2) send the messages to the TCCC secretary, who may periodically process them and post them on the TCCC mailing list. Due to a resource limitation, one can expect the period to be no more frequent than once every week.

As of 2002,

TCCC mailing list is to be used for IEEE COMSOC related business, especially for IEEE COMSOC meetings and conference information, IEEE COMSOC CFPs in addition to technical discussions and dissemination of TCCC minutes and announcements.

The IEEE Communications Society’s Board of Governors in its June, 2002 meeting in NYC, discussed the proper use of the mailing lists and approved several motions in that regard. A copy of the minutes from that meeting can be downloaded here.

  • Any member of the list can post, but if they violate the guidelines they may be denied further posting privileges at the discretion of the TC chair or VP-TA.
  • The committee chairperson has the responsibility to supervise list content in order to insure that the content restrictions(see below) are satisfied. If they are not, those violating these guidelines may be denied further posting privileges at he discretion of the TC Chair or VP-Technical Activities.

The following are not permitted on the TCCC mailing list:

  • any item that reflects negatively on the reputation, character, professional ability or technical competence of anyone;
  • any item of a sexually explicit nature;
  • any item that disparages or demeans another’s ethnicity, religion, culture, or sexual orientation;
  • any item that misrepresents one’s position in the Communications Society or in any other professional organization;
  • any item that promotes or serves as a marketing vehicle for materials in which the a TC committee member has a personal, financial, or business interest. This includes books, conferences and short courses in which the Communications Society does not have an interest. (Items for the general good such as announcements of faculty openings, fellowships, student grants, etc., may be posted.)
  • any item that advances the candidacy of an individual for an elected office in the IEEE (including ComSoc); this conforms to existing IEEE policy.
  • any item that uses one’s position as a volunteer in ComSoc for personal gain;
  • any item that announces or encourages participation in a venue that is clearly in conflict with any initiative of the IEEE Communications Society. (This includes calls-for-papers for competing publications or announcements for competing conferences. Since the Communications Society co-sponsors a number of publications and events, it may be well to seek the advice of the appropriate ComSoc officer for further insight when preparing items of this type.)

The TCCC established a formal agreement with ACM SIGCOMM on mailing list cross-posting. TCCC members interested in posting TCCC-sponsored conference call for papers are encouraged to contact SIGCOMM Information Services Director, Andreas Terzis at

At Infocom’96, the following wording was agreed upon:

The TCCC electronic mailing list is for discussion of a technical nature, or issues related to TCCC business.

The following amendment was agreed upon in May 1999 and slightly modified in May 2010:

Faculty positions as well as post-doctoral, graduate and under-graduate student positions, and summer internships can be posted on the TCCC mailing list without consulting the TCCC chair, provided they are in areas that are likely to be of interest to TCCC members.  If in doubt regarding the latter point, please check first with the TCCC chair.The TCCC mailing list is also open to other postings of potential interest to its members, which include job offers subject to the limitations of the ComSoc (noted above), and RFIs or RFPs in areas of technical interest to TCCC members. Those may be publicized on the TCCC mailing list, provided that such requests are first cleared with the TCCC chair.  In the context of RFIs and RFPs, the TCCC chair and other TCCC officers will evaluate the technical relevance of the RFI/RFP, possibly with the assistance of other TCCC members, and determine their suitability for posting on the TCCC mailing list.

Assuming a favorable response to a request for posting an announcement related to an RFI or RFP, the information to be distributed on the mailing list should preferably be in the form of a title and short abstract describing the essence of the proposal, with a pointer (URL) to a site from where the full document and additional information can be retrieved.  In cases where the requesters cannot make their proposals available on-line and depending on the actual size of the documents, such postings will either be sent directly on the mailing list (short documents) or optionally posted on the TCCC web page with a short summary sent to the TCCC mailing list.

Messages you send to the mailing list are immediately distributed to the list of approximately 4500 members of the TCCC, without further editing by anybody. Thus, some care is advised.

Please do not post chain letters, political discussions or requests for donations. There are plenty of other, more appropriate fora for these types of discussions and requests.

The list welcomes relevant calls for papers and participation for both meetings and journal special issues. Short notes highlighting new journals and special issues are welcome. However, this is not an appropriate place for posts of the table of contents of periodically published journals, even if on-topic.

Due to a number of enquiries, the following amendment is added in June 2009:

Note that posting to the list without explicitly including the list in the To: field is an expressly prohibited use of the mailing list. In other words, do not include TCCC in meta lists, i.e., a mailing list consisting of other mailing lists, as this has been shown repeatedly to cause mail storms. Violations of this policy will be brought to the attention of the local administrator.

Postings may be held or automatically discarded because of one of a number of reasons:
– sender must be a list subscriber
– message too big
– implicit destination
– too many recipients

To be efficient in our use of resources, we require that posts:

a) are sent from list subscribers to reduce the volume of spam we further process

b) are reasonably small:
please send only text or HTML notes to the list
please be brief, and include a URL with additional info
do not include any attachments

c) are sent directly to the list:
send “TO:” our list, not bcc: or cc:, to prevent responses from creating cross-post storms

d) are sent only to our list:
do not include a list of other destinations
to prevent responses from creating cross-post storms

If you are unsure whether your post has been received, please first check the list archives.

Please contact us for potentially held posts only if your post follows the above procedures and has not appeared in the list archives within 24

Managing your membership

The web interface used to manage the membership and mailing list for several committees is hosted together with other mailing lists at

Sending mail to the list: 
At subscription time, you will receive the email address to send your postings to the mailing list. Please, do not send subscription or other administrative requests to that address.