CC Workshop

Established in 1986, the IEEE Computer Communications Workshop is the annual flagship workshop of the Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC) of the IEEE Communications Society. Faithful to its old tradition, the workshop provides a small, intimate setting and a relaxed ambiance, where participants can get away from the daily demands of their work and concentrate on technical interchange with their colleagues and enjoy unique social events and experiences.


28th IEEE Computer Communications Workshop
2014, November 6-7
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Organizers: Krishna KantJames Du, and Jie Wu


CCW Archives

# Year Dates Location Chair(s)  ZIP File
28 2014 November 6-7 Philadelphia, PA, USA Krishna Kant, James Du, and Jie Wu CCW-2014
27 2013 November 13-15 Niagara Falls, NY, USA Chunming Qiao, Kui Ren, and Tomasso Melodia CCW-2013
26 2012 November 7-9 Sedona, AZ, USA Beichuan Zhang and Guoliang Xue CCW-2012
25 2011 October 10-12 Hyannis, MA, USA Lixin Gao and Ibrahim Matta CCW-2011
24 2010 October 25-27 Lake Arrowhead/Los Angeles, CA, USA Joe Touch and Gene Tsudik CCW-2010
23 2009 October 18-21 Lenox, MA, USA Bulent Yener and Sahin Albayrak CCW-2009
22 2008 October 22-24 Steamboat Springs, CO, USA Christos Papadopoulos CCW-2008
21 2007 February 5-7 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Ty Znati CCW-2007
20 2005 October 23-26 Huntington Beach, CA, USA Magda El Zarki CCW-2005
19 2004 October 17-20 Bonita Springs, FL, USA Prashant Pradhan CCW-2004
18 2003 October 20-21 Dana Point, CA, USA Wei K. (Kevin) Tsai CCW-2003
17 2002 October 13-16 Santa Fe, NM, USA Rayadurgam Srikant CCW-2002
16 2001 October 14-17 Charlottesville, VA, USA Jorg Liebeherr CCW-2001
15 2000 October 15-18 Captiva Island, FL, USA Malathi Veeraraghavan, Mark J. Karol CCW-2000
14 1999 October Estes Park, CO, USA Ness B. Shroff CCW-1999
13 1998 October 11-14 Oxford, MS, USA John N. Daigle, Nikhil Jain CCW-1998
12 1997 October 20-22 Phoenix, AZ, USA Joe Bannister CCW-1997
11 1996 September 22-25 Reston, VA, USA Guy Omidyar CCW-1996
10 1995 September 17-20 Orcas Island/Eastsound, WA, USA Khosrow Sohraby CCW-1995
9 1994 October 24-26 Duck Key/Marathon, FL, USA Ian F. Akyildiz, Imrich Chlamtac CCW-1994
8 1993 October 17-20 Del Mar/San Diego, CA, USA Tatsuya Suda CCW-1993
7 1992 October Hilton Head Island, SC, USA John Spragins CCW-1992
6 1991 October Monterey, CA, USA Nachum Shacham CCW-1991
5 1990 October 30-November 2(?) Captiva Island, FL, USA Mark J. Karol CCW-1990
4 1989 October 30-November 1(?) Dana Point, CA, USA Victor O. K. Li CCW-1989
3 1988 September 7-9 Harriman, NY, USA Aurel A. Lazar CCW-1988
2 1987 September 21-23 Orcas Island/Seattle, WA, USA James S. Meditch CCW-1987
1 1986 October Warner Springs, CA, USA John A. Silvester CCW-1986