Outstanding Service Award

The TCCC outstanding service award has been established to recognize individuals with outstanding service contributions to the TCCC community. Selection procedure (approved in March 2005):

  • TCCC chair appoints chair of selection committee.
  • Committee makes open call for nominations and makes selection.
  • Award is usually announced at INFOCOM opening session.
Year Awardee(s)
2013 Joe Touch
2012 Marwan Krunz
2011 Ariel Orda
2010 Mostafa Ammar
2009 Roch Guerin
2007 Darleen Fisher
2006 Tatsuya Suda, Jorg Liebeherr
2005 Henning Schulzrinne, Jim Kurose
2004 John Daigle, John Silvester
2003 Mark Karol