James P.G. Sterbenz (The University of Kansas and Lancaster University) 
Vice Chair 
Joerg Ott (Aalto University) 
Dan Massey (Colorado State University) 

Officers serve terms of 2 years. A new slate of officers is nominated by the current chair, in coordination with past TCCC chairs. Officers are elected by the TCCC members by simple majority.

Additionally, current TCCC officers appoint the following roles:
Conference Coordinator 
Joerg Ott (Helsinki University of Technology/Aalto University) 
Conference Management Monitor 
Joerg Ott (Helsinki University of Technology/Aalto University) 
Liaison to the ComSoc Standards Board
R Venkatesha Prasad (TU Delft) 
Representative to the Smart Grids Ad-Hoc Committee
Fan Zhong (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.)
Representative to ComSoc Committee on Cloud Communications and Networking
Chunming Qiao (University at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York)
Kun Yang (University of Essex)
Web and Email List Coordinator
Patrick Seeling (Central Michigan University)

Role and responsibilities of TCCC representative to another committee or TPC


  • represent the TCCC to the group, making our positions known where coordinated as per below
  • report back to the TCCC and its officers on issues that arise, e.g., process, requests for technical input, and information about upcoming open meetings, calls for submissions, and calls for participation


  • attend meetings where feasible, or remotely where feasible
  • actively track discussions via email
  • actively track IEEE and TCCC policies as they affect the group, e.g., notifying the TCCC officers as to:
    • composition of committees (program, executive, or other)
    • balance of open, reviewed vs. invited or other participation (in meetings, publications, etc.)
    • IEEE code of ethics and conduct (as always)

Past Chairs

Name Term
Joe Touch 2008-2012
Bulent Yener 2006-2008
Jorg Liebeherr 2004-2005
Dinesh Verma 2002-2003
Chai Keong Toh 2001-2002
Henning Schulzrinne 1999-2001
Roch Guerin 1997-1999
Tatsuya Suda 1995-1997
Mark Karol 1993-1995
Nachum Shacham 1991-1993
Aurel Lazar 1989-1991
Victor Li 1987-1989
John Silvester 1985-1987
Frank Magee 1983-1985
John Daigle 1981-1983