The acronym TCCC stands for Technical Committee on Computer Communications. TCCC is a technical committee of the IEEE Communications Society.

The Committee carries out its activities through four major vehicles:

The primary goal of the Committee is to provide its members with a forum that promotes technical discussions and interactions on topics in the general area of Computer Communications, as well as to give them the opportunity to broaden their professional contacts through interactions with peers. The area of Computer Communications is clearly a broad one, and also a continuously changing one because of the pace at which the underlying technology is progressing. The goals of TCCC are, therefore, to both enable our members to keep abreast of the latest trends and results in the field of Computer Communications, and also, and probably more important, to provide them with a vehicle through which they can contribute to and influence the direction of research and engineering in this field. 

Achieving these goals take many forms. Through our conference representatives, we participate in the paper review process and session organization of the different conferences and workshops we endorse, and also play an active role in proposing tutorials as well as organizing special sessions on hot or emerging topics. During our meetings, we exchange views on how we can further promote the topics of interest to our members, initiate discussions on other relevant IEEE issues such as publications or interactions with other Technical Committees, and open the floor to technical questions and discussions. Finally, many of our activities are carried on our mailing list, which is used to post relevant technical material as well as announcements on available positions, calls for papers, etc.

TCCC welcomes new members and encourages anyone interested to join and participate in our technical activities. Joining TCCC only requires that you subscribe to the TCCC mailing list. Instructions on how to join our mailing list can be found under the Mailing List heading of the TCCC Home Page or the menu. In case you need more information on TCCC, feel free to contact any of the current TCCC Officers.