Welcome to the Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC)

The Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC) is part of the IEEE Communications Society.

The Committee sponsors papers, discussions, and standards on all aspects of computer-communication systems. It provides a forum for members to broaden professional contacts and for technical discussions and interactions. Its areas of interest include ad hoc and sensor networks, addressing and location management, capacity planning, cellular networks, congestion control, content distribution, multicast, multimedia protocols, network applications and services, network architecture, network management, optical networks, peer-to-peer communications, performance evaluation, power control, pricing and billing, quality of service, resource allocation, routing, scheduling and buffer management, overlay networks, switches, traffic engineering, Web performance, and wireless LANs.

The TCCC also organizes an annual Computer Communications Workshop.  Individuals who contributed significantly to the TCCC may be nominated and selected for TCCC Outstanding Service Award.

The TCCC has an IEEE Communications Society page. On this web site, information is provided concerning:

  • Officers
  • Conference Representatives
  • Mailing list and mailing list archive
  • TCCC meetings (current) and archived meeting minutes
  • TCCC Outstanding Service Award
  • Endorsed conferences
  • Other sites of interest

There are many other technical committees in the IEEE Communications Society.